New questions

So, is it just me or did this week’s articles give everyone a sense of deja vu?

In particular, Donald M. Murray’s article, “Teach Writing as a Process not a Product”.

It wasn’t that he directly copied Bartholomae’s idea in his article, but the same themes resonated true.  Murray too realized the education system was flawed and needs to be fixed.  He seemed just as aware on a divide as Bartholomae was.

Throughout reading the article, I agreed with Murray’s ideas, the same as I did Bartholomae’s, but found myself playing Devil’s Advocate.

While these ideas were all sound and good, I began to wonder if there was a good reason that these ideas were not yet placed into action.  It was the best way to keep myself sane from wondering why we don’t work to fix our education system.

One such thought that came to mind was funding and time.  Perhaps we just couldn’t afford to teach students individually.  The thought was reassuring, but only for a time.  I reached the end of the article and Murray made an offhanded comment regarding that funding is not the problem.

I was dumbfounded.

Funding seemed like the most logical reason for our educational system to remain as it was, yet here an expert claimed that was not the problem, so I am now left with another question: What does keep our education system as it is?  Murray didn’t give us an answer so maybe we will be able to learn from elsewhere down the road, if not come up with the answer ourselves.


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