Adventures on Twitter

I had never used twitter before this class.

I considered it trite and overrated, but then found it was for a grade in this class.  So in I dove to the twitter universe, and you know what?

It was wasn’t so bad.  Yes, it was a bit tricky to remember daily tweets, but having a tag for the class was a pretty nifty concept.  With not talking much to my peers in this particular class, it was really neat to get to know them through cyberspace.  I didn’t know names or faces in class, but I knew their icons, I started to catch what they liked to tweet about.  Through twitter, a shut in like me was getting to know my classmates, and I feel I was able to give an impression about myself as well.

But what made twitter so different from other cyberspaces was the limitations on characters.  That was another aspect of twitter I was not looking forward to facing, but it proved not to be as trying as I feared.  In fact, it was a fun challenge much of the time to portray my thoughts without going into a long ramble like I can on the blog, and honestly, I really appreciated the idea.  It forced me to put more thought into what I had to say, and rather than repeat myself in a ramble, I was able to just give my thoughts plain and simple.

I think that was my greatest appreciation of the twitterverse: the concise nature of tweets.  With only 140 characters, there was no room for bullshit, no overexplaining, no nothing.  It was very refreshing, and I was able to finally understand what all the buzz was about twitter.  I will have to wait and see how I am at the end of the semester, but a part of me is seriously considering revamping my twitter account to apply to my day to day life and see where it takes me.  I would like to explore more communities, see what audience I could gather as a twitter member.

Despite my initial misgivings, I’m glad we had a twitter session, and I hope to explore the site deeper on my own time 🙂


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