Function vs. Purpose

How appropriate that my final blog response is one I realized I failed to complete.

But perhaps it is appropriate as the topic at hand is the one that to this day I am still unsure of where I stand, as a thanks to this class.

What is more important to a piece of writing?

The purpose or the function?

Should the author be guiding us on what to think of their work, or do they forfeit that right once they put their work out to a general audience?

When I first came into this class, I believed it was solely the author’s intention that mattered in writing, rhetoric, whichever form we are thinking of.  Granted, it is up to the author to properly translate the meaning of their work to the audience intended, but the author still gets the final word on what their work means.

Now I am more inclined to humor the fact that the audience could very well know the work better than the author.

While the author is the one who must first present the piece to an audience, and audience offers a wider variety of views.  A word from an audience can bring an entirely new perspective that the author never considered with their work.  A perspective that can force the author to widen their horizons and rethink their viewpoints.

And I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with that?

So what if an audience takes something completely new from a piece of work?  It can allow the author to grow and learn.

A great piece of writing can open an audience’s eyes, but sometimes the opposite can be true and deserves to be given the same amount of respect.


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